Conor McGregor Height and Reach Used To Perfection

The Conor McGregor height and reach advantage that he enjoys in some of his fights since joining the UFC is something I’ve been paying a close eye to in recent years, in terms of how he leverages his boxing skills to full effect with them. This weekend against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden was another example of how he used his reach advantage well in particular, despite the two standing at the same height.

The Conor McGregor height measurement was actually the same as Alvarez, but he enjoyed a significant reach advantage that he used very well from a boxing standpoint I thought.

While McGregor’s boxing skills are his main asset in the sport of MMA (mixed martial arts) he doesn’t use them standing in a typical boxing stance.

As he would risk getting one of his legs kicked off or potentially put him at risk of being taken down by a well schooled wrestler.

Instead, his almost effortless output of his fists is utilized more from a Karate type stance it seems.

His left hand counter punch, straight down the pipe and over the top – proved to be too much for his outmatched foe Eddie Alvarez this weekend:

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— #UFC205 (@btsportufc) November 13, 2016

Conor McGregor height wise stands at 5′ 9″ while his opponent Alvarez stood at the same height.

But what people didn’t realise was that McGregor enjoyed a 5cm reach advantage on the night, with his reach being 74cm and Alvarez been 69cm.

I noticed right from the beginning of the fight that McGregor was using his height and reach very well from a distance control perspective. Jumping in and out of range and choosing his moments excellently.

Almost like a type of sniper motion. One minute he seemed there for Alvarez to hit him, the next he didn’t.

Quite the display from the Irishman who has been linked with a potential boxing spectacle / hype showdown with Floyd Mayweather in 2017.