Carl Frampton Lee Selby Unification Something ‘The Jackal’ Wants In 2017

A Carl Frampton Lee Selby 126lbs world title unification get together could be in the pipeline for next year and is something Frampton wants.

A Carl Frampton Lee Selby fight would see a coming together of skill, power, timing and speed in a matchup that would please many.

Both are world champions in the prime of their careers too.

It’s a fight that appeals to UK and Irish boxing fans and even American fans too, given Frampton’s growing star in the States in recent times following his Fight of the Year candidate with Leo Santa Cruz in 2015.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Frampton said of the fight:

“Lee Selby is a huge fight. Me and Selby get on well and our teams get on well as well. That’s an easy fight to make, and a very difficult fight. Selby is someone who I’ve talked about for a long time, a great fighter. Very, very skillfull. Him and his brother I love to watch if I’m being honest, especially the brother. But they are talking about doing that in Cardiff but I think I’m the draw in the fight. If that fight happens it happens in Belfast in the summer.”

An outdoor arena for a Carl Frampton Lee Selby fight? Wherever it takes place, yes please.

Of course Frampton has a big fight on his hands in the meantime before such a fight can come to fruition, when he takes on Leo Santa Cruz in Vegas this January in a rematch.

The featherweight division is really buzzing at the moment on both sides of the pond and with the likes of Gary Russell Jr, Oscar Valdez and Vasyl Lomachenko (if he decides to drop back down from 130lbs) floating around, plenty of big fights are out there.

Maybe we’ll see the ultra skilled and legendary warrior Guillermo Rigondeaux step up to featherweight too.

For the full Frampton interview above check it out here on IFL TV YouTube (hat tip and credit):