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15,000 Joshua vs Molina Tickets Sell In First 5 Minutes

Anthony Joshua on his career, next opponent Eric Molina and more at their first press conference in the UK announcing the IBF heavyweight champion’s next fight on December 10th. Joshua vs Molina tickets are also virtually gone it was noted already today.

Joshua will showdown with American Eric Molina on December 10th at the Manchester Arena and the two men met today for the first time at their first press conference.

A feeling of mutual respect was there at today’s presser in London, with challenger Molina noting on several occasions verbally as well as wearing on a t-shirt that he cannot be written off due to his comeback ability.

The champion Joshua was fairly brief but to the point on the job at hand next month and mentioned:

“I’m here and I don’t play games. I’m serious about what I do. I’m serious about moving forward. The best man will walk away. Whatever Eric’s destiny is it will be shown December 10th. I wish him and his team the best of luck. From the top to the bottom of the show it will be an explosive night of boxing.”

When asked about all the hype surrounding his career he brushed it off and told the press he stays humble always because:

“It wasn’t so long ago that no one cared about what I was doing.”

Concluding, he mentioned that he was happy the fight was taking place in Manchester:

“Manchester, the lion’s den. It’s all the same job. The same ropes. The same referee. Me and Eric (Molina).”

The champion and his promoter Eddie Hearn concluded the press conference on what the Joshua vs Molina tickets sales were at this point.

Despite mixed reception over the main event, the overall event card had already sold over 15,000 tickets since they wen’t on sale today in the first five minutes of being available to the public the pair said.

(Image source and credit: Anthony Joshua and Eric Molina twitter accounts)

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