Whyte and Chisora ‘Gloves Are Off’ Filming Cancelled Due To Altercation

Whyte and Chisora get into it on set while trying to record a pre-fight segment for Sky Sports called the ‘Gloves Are Off’.

An interesting press release was sent out by Matchroom tonight highlighting how for the first time ever, a ‘Gloves Are Off’ segment had to be abandoned during live filming.

According to the statement the pair were approximately 22 minutes into filming and going back and forth at one another when all hell nearly broke loose.

It was said that when Dillian Whyte brought up how he thought Chisora ducked a fight with Anthony Joshua. ‘Delboy’ got up and the two men needed to be immediately separated by security.

Whyte and Chisora
No love lost

Promoter Eddie Hearn said it was best to send Whyte and Chisora home to cool down rather than risk them coming to full on blows in a potential street fight that could have ensued.

I’ve watched a lot of ‘Gloves Are Off’ segments in recent years and although some of them have been very heated, the fact that this segment won’t be going out shows the genuine disdain the pair clearly have for one another.

Earlier Dereck Chisora came out with one of the most bizarre statements at a press conference I can recall in recent times, setting the scene for what looks to be a lot of back and forth verbals from these two highly extroverted characters before December 10th.

On the ‘Gloves Are Off’ subject, here’s what happened when Dillian Whyte appeared last on the show against Anthony Joshua.

Although things got quiet heated at the time, this one managed to make the cut at least (Top image credit: Lawrence Lustig):