Watch: Epic HBO Kovalev Ward ‘My Fight’ Full Documentary Video

This HBO Kovalev Ward documentary in the build-up to their light-heavyweight battle is truly one of the best of it’s kind I’ve come across in a long, long time. No trash talk. Just quality story telling ahead of a night of genuine worth to the sport on November 19th.

A snippet of it was released earlier this week but the full thing from HBO really lived up to the hype in my opinion.

But it’s warranted hype around a fight that the boxing world and now even some of the general sports world are starting to get excited about, due to it’s sheer competitive compel.

Not many know the full back stories of both Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev before they built up their stellar careers in professional boxing to this point.

Everything is explored here via the folks at the HBO YouTube Channel (hat tip and credit – HBO Kovalev Ward ‘My Fight’):

Two men who overcame significant adversity growing up as kids.

Two men, now who find themselves at the peak of their pugilistic powers readying themselves for the biggest battle of their professional lives.

It’s a fight that everyone I’ve spoken to these past few months is looking forward to.

From the technical battle that it could become to the all round fight it could pan out as from a historical perspective, it represents two of the best fighters in the world today competing against one another.

It’s fights like these that make boxing great. The winner will more than likely become the pound for pound best boxer in the world today.