Insane UFC 205 Video – Boxing Promoters Take Note On How To Promote

Fight fans need to get excited to part with their hard earned cash to either attend an event, purchase a pay per view or pay for a subscription.

The below incredible build-up video to UFC 205 next month headlined by Irishman Conor McGregor shows the ridiculous level of titans the UFC have become when it comes to promoting.

The premier organization for the sport of mixed martial arts, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) certainly know how to grab people’s attention and get them interested in a fight event.

The hype machine, digital story telling to the new younger generation and blend of multi-platform content puts them out there on their own in my opinion.

At least for the moment anyway. They are clearly forcing boxing promoters to up their game. Which is a good thing for boxing.

Anyway, enough of my guff. Enough talk. This video speaks for itself (credit: UFC Twitter) when it comes to garnering interest:

Q: Is this the greatest promo ever?

A: Obviously #UFC205

— UFC (@ufc) October 28, 2016

Is it possible to hype up a fight event anymore? I’m not sure it is.

Obviously the production for something like the above didn’t come cheap, but with the organization having their first ever event in New York at the iconic Madison Square Garden next month, they have not spared on expense.