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Watch: Truly Superb Technical Ward vs Kovalev Breakdown Video


If you appreciate the sweet science and the incredible technique that goes into high level professional boxing, you’ll enjoy this Andre Ward vs Kovalev breakdown video.

Not long to go now until arguably the fight of 2016 for the sport of boxing takes place when Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward meet in a highly anticipated light-heavyweight world title showdown on November 19th.

Both men are deep in final preparations with this recent video here of Sergey Kovalev working hand eye coordination drills showing he is leaving no stone left un-turned in training.

Coming into the matchup in Las Vegas some have suggested that the fight will be a classic case of boxer vs puncher with Ward being the boxer and Kovalev being the puncher.

For those who study the sport of boxing however they will know that things are not that clear cut.


Both men are technically very refined operators with considerable ring intellect, experience and broad skill sets at their disposal.

The following Ward vs Kovalev breakdown by YouTube account LeeWylie1 (hat tip and credit) gives an excellent insight into what some of both fighter’s key weapons are and how they have utilized them in the fights leading up to November 19th:

After watching the video a couple of time now, the main questions I was left taking away and asking myself were around who will win the battle of the jab early on and will Kovalev’s power be able to break through perhaps the slightly better (all round) boxing game (in my opinion) of Andre Ward?

Everything comes off the jab initially for both men and it will be interesting to see who wins this early exchange and establishes their rhythm early on.

Distance control as portrayed above will also be key and if the fight does turn into a chess match with both men looking to counter a lot, it will be intriguing to see who can come out on top in this part of the fight too.

Part of me tends to think that Kovalev knows he will have to do something early on to take Ward out of his stride in an attempt to stamp his dominance on the contest right from the get go.

I’d be expecting him to apply significant, calculated pressure early right from round one as a result and it will need Andre Ward to be completely on point, razor sharp and without any even remote hint of ring rust to deal with a potentially early onslaught and peak ‘Krusher’.

November 19th can’t come quick enough.