Fake Boxing Video of 2016 Award – Angel Garcia Hits Danny Garcia Troll

This clip has to be up there as a bonified fake boxing video of 2016 contender after what can only be described as cringe worthy attempt. To the point of it kind of being funny. In an odd way.

Danny Garcia has come in for a lot of flack this year in various quarters for being a ‘cherry picker’ – as his welterweight division rival Keith Thurman phrased it recently.

To his credit though, Garcia has accepted a massive fight against Thurman himself next year after his upcoming (perceived) tune up fight against Samuel Vargas on November 11th.

But him and his dad (Angel Garcia) this week have decided to send out a message to the many trolls out there criticising Danny Garcia this year for ducking fighters with this video production:

(Hat tip to The School Sports YouTube Channel – Boxing fake video of the year contender):

We’ll leave you make up your own mind on the above.

From a boxing standpoint however, the fact we are now only five months away from a Garcia vs Thurman showdown is the really positive thing to remember.

What a fight it promises to be, given the bad blood between the two and the exciting clash of styles between two known punchers – in the prime of their careers.

As things stand the fight is set for March 4th, 2007 and will be shown live on Showtime in the US.