Watch: New Conor McGregor Promo For Eddie Alvarez Is A Tad Crazy

With just under three weeks to go until UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden this new Conor McGregor promo we stumbled across today is certainly hyping things up for the eagerly anticipated event, all be in it a slightly insane way.

McGregor has become the biggest star name this year across the combat sports world and from a boxing perspective, his willingness to always keep fights on their feet and utilize his striking skills has intrigued many fans who watch both sports.

Next month will mark the first time the UFC has gone to Madison Square Garden and New York in general after a motion passed this year to permit the sport of MMA (mixed martial arts) to hold events in the State.

Rumours have flown around in recent weeks ahead of the event such as Conor McGregor getting knocked out in sparring and more.

He’s also been linked with some sort of boxing showdown again with Floyd Mayweather after he recently told the renowned pugilist to: “Get my f****** money.”

Ahead of any big fight many promo videos often frequent the internet, but this one called The Lost Boys by Killer Studios is probably one of the most unique you’ll come across this year in the fight game:

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