Possible Trash Talk of the Year Video From A Boxer

This piece of trash talk from Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne is up there for some of the most directly brutal we’ve come across this year.

Trash talk or ‘hyping’ of fights in professional boxing is part and parcel of the sport these days, in some shape or form. Fighters need to sell tickets and promoters need to sell TV ratings.

Often times an increase in verbal vulgarity is turned on as a consequence.

But sometimes, it’s not just trash talk. Sometimes two guys genuinely just don’t like each other. Lucas Browne and Dillian Whyte appear to fall into that bracket.

Browne currently finds himself part of the WBA title mess as the boxing world watches on to see what will happen next with the organisation in terms of Browne, Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko pertaining to their heavyweight belts.

But Brixton bomber Dillian Whyte from London also wants a piece of Browne, to which the Australian has politely said:

(Warning: strong language)

@mcarmel @stevehotspurs @leedspokerbear @wrightyaba @lucasBrowne TOO FUNNY ?? pic.twitter.com/ux95mic2GD

— Martin (@1977mhs) October 22, 2016

That’s up there for some of the heaviest trash talk from one fighter to another in 2016 we’ve come across!

When you go onto Dillian Whyte’s twitter account to see if he had a reply it appears that he can’t due to be being blocked by Browne:

I told you all Likearse brown is a coward and a pussy because am on to him and he’s scared of me he block me he can’t handle the heat #chump pic.twitter.com/2PyqjtTyL2

— Dillian Whyte (@DillianWhyte) October 22, 2016

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