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Tony Bellew David Haye Disdain Clear For All To See

Bellew smashes BJ Flores inside five minutes in Liverpool and immediately turns his attention to Davis Haye.

The Tony Bellew David Haye disdain was there for everyone to see. During the fight and after. A showdown that seems inevitable.

As for the event firstly, reporting live from near ringside last night I can say first hand it was a genuinely electric atmosphere inside the Echo Arena.

Liverpool’s Tony Bellew defended his crown won at his beloved Goodison park over six months ago, delivering on his promise of “knocking out the idiot from over the water”, flooring the American four times – with the left hook being the winning blow.

Bellew wearing a t-shirt with ‘RIP Mike Towell’ in respect of the recently deceased Scottish fighter who had lost his life inside the ring, started off very cagey, looking lazy to a point – with Flores having the best of the first round.

Bellew was caught with a clean right hand over the top in the early exchanges.

The start of the second saw again Bellew get caught with another heavy right and it looked like it could have been a long night for the Liverpool man.

But then Bellew opened up and showed he was a class above Flores. The first knock down was claimed as a low blow by the American but the referee waived this away and Bellew smelt blood and went in landing more blows.

Bellew clearly had other things on his mind during the fight, constantly going over to the neutral corner to taunt David Haye.

tony bellew david haye
Palpable venom oozing from ringside

Calling out that he was going to ‘Smash him’. It had everything in this fight, which you wouldn’t be at fault thinking you were part of a film set.

The third round commenced and Flores again started the better, landing a good shot but that made Bellew dig deep and he started landings straight left and rights. A big left hook it put Flores down and he was never going to make the count.

Bellew again was quick to the neutral corner taunting David Haye before leaping out the ring and having to be restrained by security screaming:

“I’ll smash you. I’ll put you and that pathetic hair cut to sleep!”

Promoter Eddie Hearn was in his element, saying afterwards:

“I don’t have to sell this fight. Tony generally wants this fight; they have history from the amateurs! Do you want it in Liverpool (saying to the crow)?”

No guessing what their answer was.

This was last chance saloon for Flores. At 38, it’ll be hard for the veteran fighter to make any sort of come back from this. He was ranked 14th by the WBC.

Next up for Bellew could very well be that David Haye fight that he so desperately craves. It’s clear to see that he’s not his biggest fan!

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