David Haye: I Could Beat Tony Bellew With Just My Left Hand Comfortably

David Haye: “Honestly I could win the fight with one hand. I could do it with just my left hand. Comfortably.” Perhaps the most confident words ever spoken by a boxer.

Haye was of course speaking last night to Sky Sports straight after WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew’s latest win against BJ Flores.

Bellew knocked out Flores in impressive fashion on the night and straight away an almost expected call out of rival David Haye ensued.

A man who had previously been linked with a fight with Bellew in the past and two boxers who are more than capable of promoting and selling a fight.

Here’s what Haye had to say on Sky Sports TV about Bellew straight after the fight:

(Hat tip – Sporting Life YouTube):

No doubt this will add even more motivation (if that was even possible) to one of the most passionate men in the business in Tony Bellew.

‘The Bomber’ and Haye have previous sparring history in the past and it appears that the two at the moment are playing the clever PR came in terms of drumming up some classical fight hype.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a little PR arrangement is something agreed on privately by the two men behind the scenes.

In reality though, for a fight to happen you would imagine it would have to take place at cruiserweight with Bellew being the world champion at present.

This would mean David Haye dropping back down from heavyweight though. Something he has not done in a very long time.

The genuine disdain for one another is clear to see here from last night in Liverpool. This feels like a fight in the making.

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