Billiant Rant: Conor McGregor On Clown Epidemic

Conor McGregor is a man who doesn’t mince his words. The recent weird clown phenomenon that seems to have started in the US and is now spreading internationally and McGregor says what he’d do if he came across one.

Outside of boxing news and fights news everyday, I don’t get too much time to look at other global happening going on in the world, but this recent clown thing is one of the strangest occurrences I’ve ever come across.

In fact, my first instance of trying to figure out what the hell it was about was coming across this Conor McGregor interview on a Facebook live broadcast with the Lad Bible and judging from his reaction – he seems to speak for a lot of people on the subject.

Conor McGregor on clown epidemic:

Conor McGregor on the clown epidemic

— caposa (@GrabakaHitman) October 14, 2016

Here, here McGregor.

His straight to the point candid words echo the sentiment of many I’ve come across on social media in recent times pertaining to this bizarre clown stuff.

From a fighting and boxing perspective McGregor appears to be adamant in wanting a Mayweather boxing match as judging by this earlier this week.

Currently, the Irishman is getting ready for UFC 205 which will take place at Madison Square Garden next month in New York.

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