Muhammad Ali Memorial Has Been Put In For The Greatest (Pics)

The Muhammad Ali memorial was put in yesterday following the iconic man’s passing earlier this year.

It’s hard to believe that a few months have already gone by since the death of not only one of the best ever boxers, but the passing of one of the world’s truly great human beings.

One thing is certain though – he will not be forgotten.

This week the Muhammad Ali memorial monuments where he is buried in his home state of Louisville were put in yesterday.

Reddit user (hat tip) William_ponderosa has taken some photos of what they look like first hand.

There are some great quotes from Ali on some of them which will be memorable to many fight fans and those familiar with Ali’s life:

Muhammad Ali memorial

Who’ll ever forget this one:

Muhammad Ali memorial

A fighter and man who’s legacy will live on forever:

Muhammad Ali memorial

Despite it now being a few months since Ali’s passing tributes still continue to come in for ‘The Greatest’ such was the magnitude of the impact he left on this world.

Earlier this week NBA star basketball player D’Angelo Russell had this tattoo put on his leg of Muhammad Ali to pay homage to his hero.

After looking at the above pictures just now one phrase immediately came into my mind:

“Float like a butterfly sting like a bee rumble young man rumble!”

Rest in peace Muhammad Ali.

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