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WBC On The Hunt For Fake WBC Belt Sellers Online

It seems that there are a number of fake WBC belt sellers on the internet at the moment and the organization are not taking kindly to it.

The World Boxing Council are one of the oldest governing bodies in boxing. Their world title belts are synonymous with some of the sport’s greatest champions down through the years.

But now fake WBC belt retailers online are trying to damage the organizations’ titles’ brand, and indeed the fighters’ efforts who have worked incredibly hard to win them over the years.

Here’s what the WBC have said on the matter via their official website:

Fake WBC Belt

The WBC have also been in the news this week pertaining to their new ‘Clean Boxing Program’ in conjunction with VADA.

Since the program started last May in Las Vegas a number of boxers who were invited to partake in the program have declined the invitation.

The WBC named these boxers earlier this week here.

It appears to be a busy time for the organization at the moment between new policies, fake WBC belt piracy to combat and more.

The organization was originally founded in 1963 and has headquarters is in Mexico City today.

It’s current president is Mauricio Sulaimán who is the son of former WBC president José Sulaimán, who passed away back in 2014.

(Image source and credit: WBC)

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