Well known American boxer Adrien Broner posts some concerning social media posts today suggesting that at 3pm today his time, something is going to happen.

While it is not exactly clear from the posts what is going through Broner’s mind or what he intends to do, it makes for concerning reading to say the least.

Many of Broner’s fans have contacted him on social networks urging him not to do anything stupid and to try to get help.

Here is one post that Adrien Broner has posted today online via his Instagram account:

adrien broner posts

Although it is not clear as to how to take the above message today on Broner’s Instagram account, we wish him the best and hope he gets the help he needs in the event that the message was indeed posted by Broner and if he is going through a difficult time as described above.

Mental health in boxing has been a prominent issue in recent times given the recent issues heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has also faced.

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