Adrien Broner recently posted a number of concerning social media posts on Instagram suggesting he was in a very bad place at the moment.

This weekend he was doing the media rounds once again at the Errol Spence fight.

Broner while often in a turbulent place outside the ring is still a talented fighter when he wants to be within it.

I’ve never thought he’s a natural welterweight and always felt he did his best work around lightweight, but light welterweight to welterweight is where he seems to float around at these days.

As that’s where the bigger fights are at the end of the day.

Broner is part of the Premier Boxing Champions network that has a number of those fighters under its banner, too, so the ease in making fights with some of the big names at welterweight is probably why he keeps linking himself to the likes of those fighters in the first place.

One such fighter he didn’t like been asked about by Fight Hub TV however was Shawn Porter.

He gets asked about him near the end of this video and walks away:

Porter takes on Danny Garcia next up for the WBC world welterweight title on August 25th.

Broner at this time has no opponent scheduled next.

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