Watch: Bernard Hopkins At 51 Is Still In Great Shape

Bernard Hopkins at 51 is still inspiring as ever, showing how looking after one’s self throughout their adult years can have massive benefits long-term.

In many ways Hopkins has to be one of the biggest genetic freaks not only in boxing history, but sports history.

To not only compete for as long as he has at the highest level, but to elite level beat foes up to the mark who sometimes might have been as much as 20 years younger than him, says it all about the man.

When he first went to jail in his younger days Hopkins was not a man who looked after himself however.

In his youth he indulged in smoking and alcohol like many of those around him did, but when he went to prison and re-discovered his love for boxing, he never looked back.

The day he left the penitentiary he told the prison warden he’d never be back again. The warden laughed. Who’s laughing now?

True to his word, he never went back, but he also continued his clean living lifestyle of staying off from alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

It is rumoured that the only treat Hopkins likes to indulge in outside of his year round 24/7 healthy diet is a good old fashioned Philly cheese cake.

Well, we all have weaknesses – right?

But this latest video of Bernard Hopkins at 51 back in training suggests he hasn’t been over indulging in too many Philly cheese cakes as of late and indeed, looks like he is working as hard as ever:

Bernard Hopkins still in great shape at 51



— BoxingBattles (@BoxingBattles) October 8, 2016

It will be interesting to see who the last opponent for this American boxing maestro will be.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s someone in typical Hopkins fashion, is a more than a live dog and a fight that most wouldn’t expect a man of his advanced years to take on.

It’s always been about the challenge for Bernard Hopkins.

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