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Tyson Fury Apparently Admits To Doing ‘Lots Of Cocaine’

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury apparently acknowledges that he has done lots of cocaine in the past.

In an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine this week the admission has come, apparently, amid a lot of other tales of woe, depression and binge behaviour.

Whether or not you choose to (totally) believe that however, is another case.

It’s hard to see how a guy could become heavyweight champion of the world by doing cocaine regularly and living a non stop party lifestyle – his trainer and coach Peter said as much recently in terms of this not been possible.

What is clear however at this point, amid all the headlines over the last week surrounding Tyson from cocaine, to retirement hoaxes on Twitter, to Tony Montana memes, is that he is clearly a man struggling at the moment.

A talented fighter in the ring undeniably, but a man who like us all at some point in our lives, needs help. Thankfully it appears that he has reached out for it and is looking to get on the mend as soon as possible.

All this turmoil and mental anguish exhibited and reported on Tyson recently got me thinking about past examples of things like this in boxing.

In many ways we should not be surprised. Plenty of great fighters have struggled with issues over the years, be it during their careers or after them.

The likes of Mike Tyson and Ricky Hatton come to mind for me when touching on depression and mental issues for example.

Boxers are often put up on a pedestal by society as being these super human unbreakable robots mentally, when the truth is a bit different from that.

Indeed, there is no doubt they are among the most special human beings on the planet for their incredible bravery, fortitude and dedication – but robots they are not.

It just goes to show that we are all susceptible to dark and difficult times in our lives at some point. No matter who you are.

(Image source and credit: Tyson Fury Twitter)

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