This Max Kellerman Rap Video Will Make You Laugh

Ah, good old Max Kellerman. One of those real love him or hate him type characters for most people. After coming across this Max Kellerman rap video, he might make you think again on him.

A Max Kellerman rap exhibition was something I didn’t expect today when searching through the internet for boxing related content I must admit.

Recently, we reported on the American boxing broadcaster’s candid call out of promoter Oscar De La Hoya for over protecting star fighter Canelo Alvarez, but Kellerman has come up on our radar again today, for a slightly different reason mind you.

Long before Kellerman ever reached the boxing media business, back in 1994 he was actually signed to rap label Columbia Records as part of a double act with his brother Sam.

They released the below short video at the time, which even the most hard nosed of fight fans and observers will probably draw a slight chuckle out of.

Although if you’re a fan of hip hop music, after watching it a couple of times, you may feel it’s actually not that bad (at least I did anyway!):

Hats off Max. We salute you.

Since then, Kellerman has gone on to call big fights on HBO and the like, with an enthusiastic passion for the sweet science put across over the years.

If the above video is anything to go by it certainly proves the old saying to be true: “Never judge a book by it’s cover”.

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