Errol Spence vs Canelo Something ‘The Truth’ Is Open To

An Errol Spence vs Canelo showdown it seems is something that could happen down the line provided both men keep winning.

Errol Spence vs Canelo as things stand (right now) however appears to be an improbability, with talented undefeated American Spence Jr currently campaigning in the welterweight division and Mexican superstar Canelo currently fighting at 154lbs (at least).

Spence has really impressed not just American boxing fans in recent years but knowledgeable fight fans the world over too, due to his scintillating all round boxing skill and willingness to finish fights in particular.

Some have even compared Spence (21-0-18KO) to being a more aesthetically pleasing to watch version of Floyd Mayweather, also drawing similar comparisons to another emerging pound for pound star in the like junior-welterweight champion Terence Crawford.

While those comparisons might be indeed a tad premature, there is no denying that Errol Spence Jr (and Terence Crawford for that matter) represent a new age of emerging pound for pound, elite level prizefighters in the US.

Speaking to Mitch Abramson of Ring TV, Spence spoke recently of his ambitions to move a weight as his career develops and had his eye on one fighter when he does:

“Maybe when I unify the titles, in a year or two I’ll move up and fight Canelo at 154 and fight him here.”

No doubt the fight appeals to Spence as it probably does to a lot of fighters in and around Canelo’s weight, given the lucrative pay day a fight with him brings, such is his current star status in the sport.

errol spence vs canelo
Spence has proven to be a spiteful puncher in his own right, seen leaving his last opponent Leonard Bundu in a heap on the ground here

Stylistically, you’d have to say Spence would be the better boxing technician of the two, at least in my humble opinion, although stiffer competition faced to date certainly belongs to Canelo – who would also enjoy a size and strength advantage.

But as we all know, size and strength count for little when pitted against an operator who has the ability to force his gameplan on an opponent and adjust in a fight on the fly.

Up until now Spence has displayed these traits admirably.

Canelo of course is also heavily linked with a mega fight finally with Gennady Golovkin in 2017, so Errol may need to get in the queue for another while yet.

But what a fight to ponder for the future, as the next generation of professional boxing stars continue to punch there way through this new post Mayweather-Pacquiao era we find ourselves living in as fight fans.

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