2 Interesting Golovkin vs Brook Stats You Might Not Know About

Ahead of their big fight in London tomorrow night, two rather intriguing Golovkin vs Brook stats that both men share better than anyone in world boxing at the moment have come to light.

Golovkin vs Brook stats have been flying about all week pertaining to things like tale of the tape, fight records and more, but one very important note has gone under the radar until today.

The jab, as many in boxing say – is the most important punch in the sport.

It can act as a range finder, distance controller, a set up for a devastating combination or in some cases, particularly in hurtful punchers like Golovkin’s case, can act as a weapon in it’s own right.

Both Gennady Golovkin and Kell Brook often employ an excellent jab for some and all of the above reasons at times, with it definitely being a key tool in both men’s pugilistic arsenal.

Promoter of Kell Brook, Eddie Hearn, brought up an interesting stat ahead of the fight:

In the @HBOboxing meeting – stats show @SpecialKBrook and @GGGBoxing are no.1 and no.2 in jabs landed/success in World boxing

— Eddie Hearn (@EddieHearn) September 9, 2016

It’s the accuracy of both their jabs that really stood out, which is quite incredible in that they are the two leading men in world boxing for success with the punch.

Presumably Hearn is pulling the stat from an official source and there is no reason to doubt him as such, but it does raise some interesting questions about how the fight might shape up from the offset.

‘Chess match’ comes to mind, at least early on, as both men’s battle of the jab and bid to establish his over his opponent’s could come into play early on.

But Golovkin’s power one would have thought would break the Brook jab at some point, particularly with the way he likes to work in mid range and throw his hooks in an almost inverted manner at times, like jabs.

He’s also displayed this before with shots to the body that seem to catch his opponents off guard, but if Brook opts to utilze the speed game as many suspect he will, perhaps a fast jab behind lightning quick one-two combinations could be something we could see him demonstrate early on, while trying to move out of range.

Although GGG’s footwork is more than likely going to prove to be too good over the twelve rounds to cut down the ring to negate that type of strategy, these current jab records held by both men are certainly two interesting Golovkin vs Brook stats to consider at least ahead of the opening bell.

Not long to go now, and in case you are wondering what time the fight starts at and on what channel you can watch it – here are all the schedule details ahead of tomorrow.

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