The Floyd Mayweather Al Haymon Combination Continues In Boxing

The Floyd Mayweather Al Haymon relationship appears to be as strong as ever behind the scenes in 2016, in what arguably is one of the greatest ever examples of marketing a boxer or professional fighter for that matter, period.

The Floyd Mayweather Al Haymon story dates back a while, with nobody really knowing how it exactly it came about in the first place, in truth.

But what they went on to do together certainly will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Before Mayweather adopted the ‘Money’ persona, he was previously known as ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd. This all changed around the time of just before his fight with Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, when Mayweather branched out to become his own boss and left his previous promoter Top Rank (around that time, give or take).

This is when I think the Floyd Mayweather Al Haymon relationship really came into full flow, as that brand refresh from Mayweather I believe was no co-incidence.

From a timing perspective, it came also at the same time as the global market crash and economic recession really taking off in America.

Mayweather at the time started flaunting his wealth publicly, openly promoting himself as ‘Money’, brash, in your face and so forth, but why?

Well, it was simple really (in my opinion).

(Mayweather catapulted himself to the world’s attention via the HBO 24/7 series prior to the De La Hoya bout):

In a time where the majority of the world were going through economic hardship with the recession, Mayweather and Haymon knew that this ‘Money’ persona would rattle people.

He’d also still have boxing fans tuning in to watch him for his incredible boxing skills, but he’d also now have the much broader market of audience who may not have watched boxing at all before, now turning on their TV sets in the hope of seeing this brash ‘Money’ character lose.

The rest for Mayweather and Haymon is history, at least financially, easily making Mayweather one of the wealthiest athletes in the history of pro sports.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two continuing this relationship for a long time to come in the sport.

Recently in an open media question and answers session, Floyd Mayweather (turned promoter nowadays) indicated as much:

“Certain relationships are meant to be. I never heard Al say anything negative about fighters, he don’t speak negative about any trainers. He try to make sure I stay focus, I stay on the right path and he want all his fighters to stay on the right path and stay focus.”

(Image source and credit: Tom Uhlman, LA Times)

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