5 Reasons Why The Sport of Boxing Is A Metaphor For Life

Boxing is a metaphor for life in some very distinct ways, that we can all relate to as human beings. Here’s five reasons why.

The sport of boxing is full of gems that apply to everyday life. Such phrases as “roll with the punches” and “stick and move” all have origins in the art of combat.

While on this same path of thought I uncovered a few more parallels between boxing and life.

You Get What You Put In

Often time late in fights that are particularly close announcers will say something to the effect of “Now we will see who really put roadwork in”.

This means it will be revealed who really put the critical, hard work in and who just did enough to get by. The same is true for life. The time will come when you are in the metaphorical late rounds of life.

It will soon be revealed if you put the hard work in or just enough to get by.

Respect Is Not Given It Is Earned

In “conventional” thinking the concept of respect is pretty straight forward. To be respected you must first respect. In boxing, the ideology behind respect could not be more different.

In boxing, respect refers to landing a hard enough blow that your opponent must “respect” the consequence of trying to engage to assault you. Trainers and fans alike can be heard ringside encouraging fighters to get their “respect”.

Nonetheless respect is crucial. Having it and not having it is a big deal.

I’m In Your Corner

Every successful fighter has a good corner. There are no exceptions to this rule. The concept of having a great corner in life is just as necessary.

boxing is a metaphor for life

We all need a person or persons who will encourage us, criticize us, and hold us accountable. If we want to grow, that is.

Throw In The Towel

If a fighter is perceived by his corner as taking too much damage the corner will end the fight by throwing in the towel. In life, sometimes we must realize the time has come that we must cut our losses and regroup for the next opportunity.

We all have thrown in the towel before. No shame at all in doing so. In fact throwing in the towel could be the most important decision in your life.

Below The Belt

In a match between two combatants if a punch is landed below the belt line it is deemed as an illegal “low blow”. The interesting point about low blows is that they can only be determined as low blows by the officiating referee.

In almost every case, the offending fighter strongly protests the low blow. Similarly in life when some people land low blows in the form of comments, behaviours, or a combination of the two, in most cases they initially deny landing the low blow.

The sport of boxing is a metaphor for life in ways we can relate to, no matter where we are from, who we are or what we do.

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