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Floyd Mayweather Reveals Ultimate Goal

Floyd Mayweather reveals ultimate goal as rumours surrounding a comeback for the man called ‘Money’ continue to swirl around the boxing world.

Last week Floyd Mayweather (49-0-26KO) was seen on camera training hard back in his gym, prompting many to once again express their skepticism that he is retired fully.

The temptation to break Rocky Marciano’s record and go for 50-0 seems far to great to turn down, at least it would seem.

But speaking to Fight Hype this past weekend Mayweather poured cold water in the speculation:

“No I’m okay. I had a great career. 20 year run, while 19 year run, 18 years world champion.”

Touching on what his ultimate goal is from here on out, Mayweather said:

“The ultimate goal is to find the next Floyd Mayweather. Hopefully he’s under my banner if he breaks my record. I’ll feel good about it.”

Despite Floyd’s insistence on the fact that he’d done as an active fighter in the sport and is content with his promotional duties from here on out, and finding the next big superstar – I’m still not convinced he’s done.

(Mayweather talks retirement and the boxing landscape a few months back with Showtime’s Jim Gray):

Remember, we’ve been down this road before.

Mayweather has in the past expressed contentment on multiple occasions with his boxing career and how he at one time or another was done with the sport.

He’s not only a top athlete at his core, but also a top businessman, as his fiscal endeavours in professional boxing have illustrated over the years.

He is not nicknamed ‘Money’ for no reason.

He knows that a fight which would see him in a potential scenario where he was bidding to go 50-0 could be promoted heavily around the fact he would be trying to beat Marciano’s record and thus, would bring about massive financial incentives.

It’s got everything for him, both legacy and money, so for the life of me, I’d be absolutely astonished if we don’t see him back in the ring next year.

The main bone of contention would be around who the opponent would be for me.

As previously mentioned, the only man I could see that would warrant a fight of that magnitude would probably be Gennady Golovkin.

Although there is many top fighters I’d like to see Mayweather in there with like Errol Spence Jr, Keith Thurman, Kell Brook or even Terence Crawford (if he moved up to 147lbs), I don’t think any would bring the necessary star power needed for such an event, particularly as it would most likely be Mayweather’s last ever fight also.

Another angle Mayweather could go down is moving up to middleweight for the first time and face one of the world champions at 160lbs, which would add another a story line, if he returns to go for 50-0.

Time will tell what the money man has up his sleeve.

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