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Mayweather Back In The Gym Training, 50th Fight Inevitable

With Floyd Mayweather back in the gym going hard in training again this week, the inevitable comeback talks for him are there.

For those who have covered Mayweather’s career this will come as little surprise, as even when he did take extended breaks from his craft in the past, you always got the feeling that he would be back again.

During times he had taken a break from the sport in years gone by, they were namely because of him resting up old injuries or due to his waning lack of desire to stay active as a fighter for one particular reason or another.

But with him currently sitting on a record of 49-0 (26KO) in joint record of Rocky Marciano’s heavyweight unbeaten run as a pro, the urge to go one better just seems to be too great to refuse.

Yes there will be a significant payday for such a return as well, but despite his nickname of ‘Money’ and being renowned for accumulating wealth perhaps better than any other athlete of his generation, I think the motivation here will be a little bit more than that.

(Mayweather back in the gym):

Mayweather is a pure boxer and has been from a very young age.

Ultimately, he knows to put that final stamp on his already impressive resume he’ll need one last big fight if he is to go for 50-0.

But the fight will need to be a big one, against a big name, that at least in the perception of fans and odds makers, will present a legitimate test in the ring.

Very few names in and around Mayweather’s weight come to mind to create such an event, with Mayweather already having fought most of the star names of his generation.

Perhaps the only one that could really warrant such magnitude would be Gennady Golovkin.

Golovkin though, would likely need to come down to junior-middleweight (154lbs) for such a showdown if it were ever to happen, which could be a major bone of contention in getting a potential bout made.

Mayweather for his part has said in the past that ‘GGG’ would be “easy work” and has “no special effects”.

It will be interesting to see if Mayweather would take a fight with the middleweight knockout artist should he remain unbeaten by next year (which in all likelihood he will)

Mayweather is also getting more involved in the promotional side of boxing at the moment, with recent reports suggesting he is in the market to swoop for 2016 US Olympic silver medallist Shakur Stevenson.

For my money though, we’ll see Mayweather lace up the gloves himself one more time in 2017.

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