Yes Boxing Is A Business But The Brand Is Boxing Itself

Professional boxing like anything is a business, but the brand of the sport is boxing itself and it’s long and rich history which made it great in the first place, which should never be forgotten.

Remember the days you would cheer for your favourite fighter and give respect to the opponent? Or how people a appreciated and showed respect for the sport because they knew how hard these fighters trained?

Remember when it was more about the sport and giving the fans the best fights available? Think back to why you loved the sport of boxing and what made you run to the gym in the early morning or right after school.

Can you think back to the late and great Howard Cosell who talked about the fighters, in a time instead of focusing on rating or purse, when the build up to a fight was about the entire card and not personal agenda.

Think back to when trainers and fighters’ interviews made headlines and not stories just their personal life.

boxing is a business
The great Muhammad Ali embodies everything special about the sport of boxing

When we cared about the sport and didn’t allow excuses or accepted terms like the ‘business of boxing’ because the best fought the best.

I can say there are so many reasons as to why things have changed but the sport at the end of the day, is still boxing. Being a supporter of the sport, not just a fan of one or two particular well known fighters, is what it used to be like when big fights were made consistently, because of public opinion and not based off of media agenda driven ideology.

It shouldn’t matter who promotes who or what network someone fights for, their purse, unbeaten record or ratings.

The integrity of the sport and those who has gave so much to it has to be maintained and remembered. Then it’s up to all of us to remember why we love the sport as a whole and not be divided into pieces.

Yes boxing is a business, but the brand of the sport is boxing as a whole.

(This article was inspired by Twine Livity)

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