Joe Joyce Loses Olympic Final By Close Decision

Britain’s big Joe Joyce at super-heavyweight just lost out on the Gold medal in Rio today.

The 6’5 Britain used his strength in the first round with some rough house tactics and and sunk in some solid body shots to his French Tony Yoka counterpart.

Two of the judges scored the round for Yoka however, while one scored it for Joyce.

The second round saw more decent work from Joyce who demonstrated an excellent work rate, with two judges giving him the round, the third judge scoring the it all square.

Yoka covered up in the third round for the most part as he looked like he knew that’s all he had to do to win the decision.

He was proved to be correct.

The Frenchman demonstrated an excellent left jab at times throughout the bout and the world champion showed his class in the end for the judges, who awarded him a split decision victory.

Joe Joyce no doubt will go on to have a promising professional career however after such a good showing overall at this year’s Olympics.

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