Following some highly controversial judging that evoked massive negative sentiment, both directly at this year’s Rio Olympics and from fans around the world watching, the AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) have decided that some officials must go.

The news comes today after yesterday’s gigantic outcry and reaction around the world following Irish boxer Michael Conlan’s shocking exit from the Olympics, after he clearly won his quarter final fight and also the day before that – Kazakhstan’s Vasily Levit when he was clearly robbed of an Olympic gold medal in the heavyweight final following terrible judging.

The judging standard at this year’s games in the boxing tournament has been widely slammed by both global media and world sports fans alike.

The AIBA have released the following statement on everything relating to the officiating at this year’s games:

Olympic Boxing Judging

It is unfortunate that the decisions cannot be overturned for the two boxers who blatantly lost out more than anyone because of bad judging, athlete’s who sacrificed years of their lives for their shot this year.

Lets hope this is the end of the controversial judging in the 2016 Olympics.

(Image and statement source and credit: AIBA)

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