Sick Lomachenko Style and Technique Tribute Video

A man who is fast becoming a pound for pound force in world boxing.

For fans or aspiring fans looking to learn more about the technical aspects of the sport of boxing or to get an appreciation of what the term ‘the sweet science’ is all about, you need to look no further than Vasyl Lomachenko.

The Ukranian’s timing, footwork, speed and ring control are up there with the best in the game, made all the more impressive by the fact the man has had a limited amount of fights as a professional and already has captured world titles in two weight classes.

We spoke to his promoter Bob Arum during the week who said he thought Lomachenko is the best fighter of our time, a big claim, but one some purist fans of the sport don’t think is that far off the mark.

Time will tell if he lives up to that praise but while he’s an active fighter, there’s no denying he will be providing boxing fans with plenty of entertainment over the coming years at the very top level of the sport.

We came across this excellent tribute to the Lomachenko style and tecnhical ability by Mena’s Boxing Club (hat tip and credit) which shows just why so many are tipping him to be one of the next pound for pound boxing stars at the moment .


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