Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 6 (Live Updates)

Don’t miss a single beat or score today with our Rio Olympics boxing results day 6 live blog here at Boxing News and Views.

Day 6 is now upon us and this year’s Olympic boxing schedule is really starting to take shape.

All three professional boxers who qualified for the first time ever for the Olympics this year have now been eliminated, with the ‘amateurs’ showing that they are far from what the word ‘amateur’ means in many regards.

Day 5 was full of ups and downs for this year’s Olympic boxing hopefuls and for a full breakdown of all the results and scores from yesterday, you’ll find them here.

Now on we go to day 6 that kicks off at 15:00 GMT approx:

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) –  Victor Rodriguez of Venezuela vs Sangmyeong Ham of Korea

Winner: Sangmyeong Ham 2-1

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Mykola Butsenko of Ukraine vs Mohamed Hamout of Mauritius

Winner: Mohamed Hamout 2-0

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Shiva Thapa of India vs Robeisy Ramirez of Cuba

Winner: Robeisy Ramirez 3-0

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Obada Alkasbeh of Jordan vs Arthur Biyarslanov of Canada

Winner: Arthur Biyarslanov 3-0

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Batuhan Gozgec of Turkey vs Mahman Smaila of Cameroon

Winner: Batuhan Gozgec 3-0

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Joedison Teixeira of Brazil vs Abdelkader Chadi of Algeria

Winner: Joedison Teixeira 2-1

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Eimantas Stanionis of Lithuania vs Shakhram Giyasov of Uzbekistan

Winner:  Shakhram Giyasov 3-0

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Steven Donnelly of Ireland vs Tuvshinbat Byamba of Mongolia

Winner: Steven Donnelly 2-1

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Vladimir Margaryanof Armenia vs Roniel Iglesias of Cuba

Winner: Roniel Iglesias TKO

(That’s it for today’s first half of boxing folks. We’ll be back on here later at 21:00 GMT when boxing recommences)

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Alberto Melian of Argentina vs Abdul Omar of Ghana

Winner: Alberto Melian 3-0

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Bilel Mhamdi of Tunisia vs Inkulueko Suntele of Lesotho

Winner: Bilel Mhamdi 3-0

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Javid Chalabiyev of Azerbaijan vs Kairat Yeraliyev of Kazakhstan

Winner: Kairat Yeraliyev 2-1

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Lorenzo Sotomayor of Azerbaijan vs Volodymyr Matviicchuk of Ukraine

Winner: Lorenzo Sotomayor 3-0

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Jonas Jonas of Namibia vs Hassan Amzile of France

Winner: Hassan Amzile 3-0

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Ablaikhan Zhussupov Kazakhstan vs Pat McCormack of Great Britain

Winner: Pat McCormack 2-1

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Parviz Baghirov of Azerbaijan vs Souleymane Cissokho of France

Winner: Souleymane Cissokho 3-0

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Josh Kelly of Great Britain vs Daniyar Yeleussinov of Kazakhstan

Winner: Daniyar Yeleussinov 3-0

  • Men’s welterweight (69kg) – Gabriel Maestre of Venezuela vs Vincenzo Mangiacapre of Italy

Winner: Gabriel Maestre walkover

  • Men’s light-heavyweight (81kg) – Peter Mullenberg of Holland vs Teymur Mammadov of Azerbaijan

Winner: Teymur Mammadov 3-0

  • Men’s light-heavyweight (81kg) – Mikhail Dauhaliavets vs Adilbek Niyazymbetov of Kazakhstan

Winner: Adilbek Niyazymbetov 3-0

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