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Why Kovalev Trainer Doesn’t Believe Ward Is In His Prime Anymore

Sergey Kovalev’s trainer thinks his charge is getting Andre Ward at the right time ahead of their November light-heavyweight showdown.

John David Jackson is a man who knows a thing or two about boxing having been a former WBO junior-middleweight champion and now a highly successful trainer to Sergey ‘Krusher’ Kovalev.

Ahead of the upcoming Kovalev vs Ward fight on November 19th, many have pointed to Ward’s inactivity in recent years as perhaps being a hindrance to him going into the contest, but at the same time, others have tipped him for the win given Kovalev’s slightly under-par performance in his last outing against Issac Chilemba this year.

Speaking to Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV Jackson said:

” Prime. Let me answer that one for you. His prime believe it or not is passed him because from 27 – 32, those were his best years. Well those years were spent in court and wherever else. He only had 3 fights. The best years of his boxing career.

He added:

“He’s still okay but he’s on a downward slide. If you watch his fights he’s not the same fighter as he was before before he had the litigation and the shoulder injury and all those things. He’s not the same fighter, he’s a little slower of foot, a little slower of hand, still good but we’re getting him at the best time. It’s not prime Andre Ward, he’s past that point. I’m glad we’re getting him when we’re getting him.”

From a stylistic standpoint, Andre was quoted after his last victory over Alexander Brand as saying he believes he is a combination of Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins.

It could be argued that both men are still relatively speaking in the prime of their professional careers at this point, but one of their undefeated records will no longer be intact after November 19th.

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