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Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 5

Don’t miss any of the scores from the Rio Olympics boxing results in Brazil with our full update of all yesterday’s happenings.

Yesterday was another action packed day full of ups and downs for this year’s Olympic pugilists. For full results of what happened the day before on day 4, check them out here.

Here’s how yesterday (day 5) unfolded at the Olympics:

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Joahnys Argilagos of Cuba vs Peter Warui of Kenya

Winner: Joahnys Argilagos 3-0

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Yurberjen Martinez of Colombia vs Heredia Carmona of Spain

Winner: Yurberjen Martinez 2-1

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Aram Avagyan of Armenia vs Arashi Morisaka of Japan

Winner:Aram Avagyan 2-1

  •  Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Qais Ashfaq of Great Britain vs Chatchai Butdee of Thailand

Winner: Chatchai Butdee 3-0

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Boe Warawara of Vanuatu vs Vladimir Nikitin of Russia

Winner: Vladimir Nikitin 3-0

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Luis Arcon of Venezuela vs Hovhannes Bachkov of Armenia

Winner: Hovhannes Bachkov 2-1

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Qianxun Hu of China vs Raul Curiel of Mexico

Winner: Qianxun Hu walkover

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Thulasi Tharumalingam of Qatar vs Chinzorig Baatarsukh of Mongolia

Winner: Chinzorig Baatarsukh 3-0

  • Men’s light-heavyweight (81kg) – Julio La Cruz of Cuba vs Mehmet Unal of Turkey

Winner: Julio La Cruz 3-0

  • Men’s light-heavyweight (81kg) – Hrvoje Sep of Croatia vs Michel Borges of Brazil

Winner: Michel Borges 3-0

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Evgeny Tishchenko of Russia vs Clemente Russo of Italy

Winner: Evgeny Tishchenko 3-0

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Rustam Tulaganov of Uzbekistan vs Abdulkadir Abdullaev of Azerbaijan

Winner: Rustam Tulaganov 3-0

  • Men’s lightweight-flyweight (46-49kg) – Hasanboy Dusmatov of Uzbekistan vs Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan

Winner: Hasanboy Dusmatov 3-0

  • Men’s lightweight-flyweight (46-49kg) – Carlos Quipo Pilataxi of Ecuador vs Nico Hernandez of USA

Winner: Nico Hernandez 3-0

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) –  Dzmitry Asanau of Belarus vs Hector Garcia Mora of the Dominican Republic

Winner: Dzmitry Asanau 2-1

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Benson Njangiru of Kenya vs Tsendbaatar Erdenebat of Mongolia

Winner: Tsendbaatar Erdenebat 3-0

  • Men’s bantamweight (56kg) – Robenilson De Jesus of Brazil vs Fahem Hammachi of Algeria

Winner: Robenilson De Jesus 2-1

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Fazzlidin Gaibnazarov of Uzbekistan vs Dival Malonga Dzalamou of Congo

Winner: Fazzlidin Gaibnazarov TKO

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Manoj Kumar of India vs Evaldas Petrauskas of Lithuania

Winner: Manoj Kumar 2-1

  • Men’s light-welterweight (64kg) – Richardson Hitchins of Haiti vs Gary Russell of USA

Winner: Gary Russell 3-0

  • Men’s light-heavyweight (81kg) – Mathieu Bauderlique of France vs Juan Carlos Carrillo of Colombia

Winner: Mathieu Bauderlique 3-0

  • Men’s light-heavyweight (81kg) – Carlos Mina of Ecuador vs Joseph Ward of Ireland

Winner: Carlos Mina 2-1

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Vassiliy Levit of Kazakhstan vs Kennedy St Pierre of Mauritius

Winner: Vassiliy Levit 3-0

  • Men’s heavyweight (91kg) – Yamil Peralta of Argentina vs Erislandy Savon of Cuba

Winner: Erislandy Savon 3-0

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