All Pro Boxers Dumped Out Early in 2016 Olympics

With the three qualified pro boxers dumped out early in the 2016 Olympics, the thought that they were going to run rampant through the ‘amateurs’ was well and truly dispelled.

Coming into the games it was believed by some that the professionals would have an unfair advantage over their ‘amateur’ counterparts.

But boy, that proved to be far from being the case.

Italy’s Carmine Tommasone, Cameroon’s Hassan N’Dam and Thailand’s Amnat Ruenroeng were all sent packing early on into this year’s Olympic boxing tournament.

N’Dam became the first professional victim of this year’s tournament, with the two others quickly following suit not long after.

For the first time in over 112 years this year professionals were allowed enter the boxing at the Olympics, something that had previously been only reserved for ‘amateurs’.

It now raises the questions surrounding the whole terms ‘amateurs’ and ‘professionals’ all together in boxing.

This year saw no head guards worn in the boxing action at the Olympics and with the controversial changes before the games, it’s clear to see to even the untrained eye, that a move is currently being made from the amateur boxing powers that be, that the once amateur sport is slowly but surely being (at least attempted to anyway) transitioned into professional boxing.

The move has clearly backfired this year with the opposition to the idea of pros competing in the Olympics being completely blasted by most observers in the global community.

Perhaps the idea will now be re- examined.

(For latest results from day 5 of the Olympic boxing action yesterday – check them out here).

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