Watch: Boxing Virtual Reality Tried Out By Boxers

Boxing virtual reality could indeed be the future of how the sweet science is enjoyed at home by fans for the big fights, with trials and tests already done with matches on Showtime late last year and former heavyweight champion David Haye’s return fight against Marc De Mori back in January in the UK.

The feedback so far on boxing virtual reality appears to be fairly positive.

When you consider that as a fan, it brings you even closer to the action of a sport as exhilarating as boxing, it’s a win-win it would seem.

Literally almost being in the ring with the fighters as they trade blows with one another, on paper, could give fans an almost referee view of a title fight.

The boxing ring if anything is scaled for virtual reality, unlike some other sports that take part on a much larger surface area.

The boxing ring is relatively small when you compare the fields that the likes of soccer and rugby operate in, giving the virtual reality experience that bit of added intimacy in the fight business.

The main drawbacks on V/R so far have been the awkwardness of the gear needed to be worn by people to avail of it, but one would suspect this will be improved over time.

Here are some boxers in the US trying out V/R, who appear to be having quite a bit of fun in the process:

(Credit: Toasted Loaf YouTube channel)

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