Canelo On Why Golovkin Showdown Didn’t Materialise

Canelo Alvarez has been busy promoting his upcoming fight with WBO junior-middleweight champion Liam Smith this week, but questions by fans and media still persist as to why it’s not Gennady Golovkin that he’s taking on next.

Instead, Canelo will fight the UK’s Liam Smith on September 17th in Texas, but many fans wanted to see him finally step in the ring with ‘GGG’ after extensive build-up in recent times for a much clamoured for showdown, with his promoter Oscar De La Hoya also having to field questions this week on the matter.

When Canelo’s promoters Golden Boy Promotions said on Twitter that the Golovkin fight will definitely happen but in late 2017, over a full calendar year away, many fans understandably felt fairly dejected at having to wait so long.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV this week at a press conference in the UK – Canelo said on the Golovkin fight:

“The negotiations didn’t go through properly so the fight never happened. The negotiations fell out. It’s a fight that is going to happen, it has to happen, I want it to happen – it’s going to happen.”

He added:

“Negotiations also had a lot to do with the WBC organisation, the sanctioning body had a lot to do with it. They wanted to put in certain fees in the negotiations, they wanted to put a time frame, a deadline, they wanted to put their input in the negotiations of the fight. Like they had something to do with the organisation of splitting the purses. So many things and I’m not going to let somebody dictate my negotiations of my fight and my promoter to negotiate for me.

Alvarez concluded;

“I had other things that were priority. I had a court in Miami that I had to take care of. First things first the negotiations fell out, but my court is more important to me and my personal life. Eventually it’s going to happen (the Golovkin fight) but it didn’t happen this time.” 

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