Kell Brook Bulking Up Ahead of Golovkin Middleweight Showdown

IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook bulking up ahead of a challenge not many are giving him a chance in.

When Sheffield’s Kell Brook attempts to go from welterweight to middleweight to win a world title, he’ll also be attempting to join a very elite group of pugilistic talent in boxing history who’ve done it before, as well as trying to do it against the man who currently holds the highest knockout percentage in middleweight history.

There’s no denying he’s up against it, but it appears he’s making the most of the middleweight jump up by opting to bulk up a bit and possibly looking to be training for power and explosiveness:

Tough session this morning -already feeling fit and strong.I’m shocking the World sept 10!#GGGBrook#2weight2time??

— Kell Brook (@SpecialKBrook) July 20, 2016

If Brook were to employ the toe to toe battle strategy of trying to outgun Golovkin, it would be highly unlikely the fight would go past six rounds.

However, if he tries to use what possibly could be superior hand speed behind powerful combinations, he could give ‘GGG’ food for thought – at least early on.

It will be interesting to see what kind of gameplan Brook employs against Golovkin, who’s an accomplished boxer outside of his power, with footwork capable of cutting any 160lbs fighter down.

Both men have excellent jabs, too, which could be put to work a lot on the night.

It’s hard to see Brook getting the win here but he has to be applauded for his bravery and risk propensity in taking the fight.

Maybe he’ll surprise everyone and come out swinging, trying to blast Golovkin out early in the very first round. But I suspect he’ll be looking to use more subtle tactics than that.

Who’d want to be a boxing coach getting a fighter ready to take on Golovkin, eh?

(Image source and credit: Kell Brook Twitter account)

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