Video: Murray vs Groves Gloves Are Off

Both men have come up short in world title challenges three times each and know that a loss could spell the end of ever getting a fourth crack at a world title. (Martin Murray vs Groves Gloves Are Off episode is below).

Groves is the younger of the two, granted, but the argument could also be made that due to the knockouts he has sustained in his career and bearing in mind how durable Martin Murray is, that both men could be around equal when it comes to freshness and miles on the clock.

In just under two weeks time (on June 25th) both fighters will find out exactly where they are at in their respective careers – on a pay per view undercard to the main event of Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazeale.

Both guys are coming off stoppage wins in their last fights but to me, this represents a crossroad bout and could very well come down to who wants it more, and who gets his gameplan right on the night.

Groves might be the slightly more refined boxer of the two, with perhaps an extra bang in his punch, but Murray has the experience, durability and teak toughness that has done so well for him in the past, all be it just coming up short at the final hurdle thus far.

Recently he’s promised to break Groves when they meet in the ring, so motivation appears to not be an issue for the seasoned super-middleweight.

Something tells me that this one could go the distance but then again, with Groves you just never know and with new trainer Shane McGuigan in his corner, I might give him an ever so slight edge as things stand at the moment.

Ahead of the fight, the folks at Sky Sports have put together their now much respected ‘Gloves Are Off’ segment.

Enjoy (hat tip to DaveyBoy EssexUk YouTube channel):

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