Nigel Benn Calls Out Eubank For One Last Hurrah

Legendary British boxers Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank have been linked with a third and final fight at different times over the last year, but it appears the ‘Dark Destroyer’ is getting tired of all the talk at this point, and just wants to fight.

Both men now have sons that are in the pro ranks, Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn, but it appears the competitive fire in each of them still burns themselves, despite their advanced years.

Nigel Benn has fired shots this weekend on Twitter to his former rival and isn’t pulling any punches:

Hi Chris I hav tried 2 call u, text u, email u & still no reply ? So I thought I would put it out there. Are you going 2 fight or not.

— Nigel Benn (@NigelGBenn) June 11, 2016

Chris no more talking the time is now , if u don’t want 2 jus say, not a problem, jus want 2 put it 2 bed, and we can watch over our Boys☺

— Nigel Benn (@NigelGBenn) June 11, 2016

Was jus thinking, yor son & mine @ matchroom all it needs is me & u? I trust Eddie & u cood not put on sumthing as big as this I trust him?

— Nigel Benn (@NigelGBenn) June 12, 2016

Been here 3 weeks & u knew? Got 9 days left, u hav my numbr, Balls In yor court & u said u was going 2 giv another A– so I’m waiting 4 u ?

— Nigel Benn (@NigelGBenn) June 12, 2016

Whether or not Eubank takes up the challenge remains to be seen. Lets take a quick look back at how these two build up such a bitter rivalry in the first place, many years ago:

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