Tony Bellew, you’ve just got to love his honesty, raw emotion and passion for the sport of boxing.

To Bellew’s credit last night, he showed buckets of heart on route to securing his life long ambition of becoming world champion, getting up off the floor after been decked by a dangerous puncher in Illunga Makabu, to then pick himself up and come storming back in round three with a clinical finish to become champion.

The left hook was the key to stopping Makabu and the emotion was there for all to see once Bellew knew he had finally achieved his ultimate goal in boxing.

Fighters are always on a high after a big win, but after a world title win, it’s hard to imagine how good a feeling it must be, to reach the pinnacle in a sport as demanding as professional boxing.

Well, Tony Bellew’s honesty and candidness gives a rare insight to fans of this sensational feeling – in this truly glorious world title winning post-fight interview:

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