Could he be just testing the waters with fans? Possibly. Or could it be the furthest indication yet that Mayweather vs McGregor is set to become a reality? Again, also possible.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is a man known for his promotional and fight hype ability, lest we not forget some of his antics over the years to sell fights.

His social media posts are part and parcel of the games he often likes to play with fans. Remember the time he took to social media when he asked fans to vote on who he would like to fight next in 2014?

Only for Amir Khan to romp home as winner of that particular social media poll, yet Mayweather as he’s frequently liked to do in his career, decided to change his mind and opted to appoint Marcos Maidana as his opponent in their first fight back in May 2014.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s latest social media shenanigans have come in the form of this post today:

He’s even gone to the trouble of sticking the various branding adverts on the end of the image, which if we are all being honest, looks like a very rushed job done in Microsoft paint, as opposed to a professional one via Photoshop.

No official announcement came with the post surrounding a date, venue or under what exact rules a fight between the two men would happen under, nor has anything come from McGregor following the above (yet).

Time will tell if this Mayweather-McGregor poster is legit or just another one of Floyd’s testing the water strategies with fight fans.

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