Keith Thurman Happy To Not Talk About Mayweather Anymore, Says Floyd Ducked Him

Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is currently readying himself for his latest challenge against Shawn Porter on June 25th and the WBA welterweight champion is sick of hearing about Floyd Mayweather.

One thing you have to give to Floyd, whether you love him or hate him, he certainly has a way of staying relevant in the news despite being ‘retired’.

He’s arguably being more talked about over the last few months than times during his more ‘active’ fighting career.

Keith Thurman has done things the hard way in his career to date, building up a solid 26-0 (22KO) record at this point, but now faces arguably the toughest challenge of his professional boxing tenure so far in Shawn Porter.

He is totally focused on this and speaking in an interview with Fight Hype, Thurman said he has accepted that a Mayweather fight is probably not going to happen:

“All year long ya’ll want to talk about him. I don’t care about him, I don’t care about him one bit. I did care about him before he announced his retirement. I also cared about him before he got declared a super champion.”

Thurman’s frustration is understandable to an extent, as when at the time Mayweather fought Andre Berto (his last fight) in September 2015, Berto was actually mandatory for Thurman’s WBA ‘Regular’ belt, but with Mayweather elevated to the then WBA ‘Super’ champion and not obligated to face a mandatory at the time, his picking of Berto (Thurman’s mandatory) to swerve out of a fight with Thurman in the eyes of some is construed as giving Keith Thurman the cold shoulder, at the very least.

Thurman elaborated further on this saying:

“I feel like I’ve been heavily avoided from Mayweather, never even wanting to be in the conversation, pretty not much getting any acknowledgement. He’s retired man, I don’t really want to acknowledge him.”

Thurman’s attention now turns to his upcoming challenge on June 25th against ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter (hat tip kdually14 YouTube account):

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