Father of Conor Benn (and acclaimed fighter) Nigel Benn was happy overall with his son’s performance last night in Scotland.

Conor Benn had only approximately 20 fights as an amateur but his surname and similar fighting style to his father’s is getting fans excited.

His win last night marked his 2nd professional outing in a boxing ring thus far, and showed that although he is rough around the edges and still very green, his willingness to have a fight and throw down like his father once did is certainly there.

It was nice to see such a new prospect being given an opponent who could ask questions of him in only in his 2nd fight, where nowadays, often fighter’s are given easy touches to pad their records in the early stages of their careers.

This wasn’t the case with Luke Kelleher last night however, so credit must be given there.

After the fight Conor’s father Nigel who was ringside at the bout gave his honest assessment of what he saw from his son:

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