World middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr last fought on March 26th against UK contender Nick Blackwell when the fight made world wide headlines for it’s tragic aftermath at the time.

Eubank has been linked to a potential fight Gennady Golovkin in recent boxing reports, but he Jr has also been at the centre of some controversy this week following his previous opponent Nick Blackwell’s disgust and speaking out at the fact Eubank Jr and his father held a public pres conference against his family’s wishes so soon after their fight.

Blackwell had suffered a bleed to the brain at the time and was unable to speak to the public due to having been placed in an induced coma.

Thankfully, Nick Blackwell has now made a full and speedy recovery since the well publicised match-up a few months ago and Chris Eubank has spoken today on BBC to clarify on the situation, mentioning that he would like to meet Blackwell in person to have a proper conversation to clear up any bad feeling that might still exist:

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