How Al Haymon Doing An Interview Could Actually Help Him and Premier Boxing Champions

The mysterious power broker in global boxing has never gone on camera for an interview, and does not seem to do any media at all.

As the midway point of 2016 approaches through the world boxing calendar, the Premier Boxing Champions model has come under increasing scrutiny and concern for it’s future recently, while it’s kingpin and founder Al Haymon continues to evade public and media appearances.

Promoter Eddie Hearn recently spoke on how Haymon’s PBC model is all changing now, as relating to it’s relevance to boxing fans.

But it’s not down and out just yet, mind you.

If Haymon were to come out in public and finally do an interview on camera, it would likely have many benefits for the PBC, such as the following.

Big Publicity

For so long now, there has been considerable mystery and intrigue shrouded around Haymon since his huge amount of fighter acquisitions as a manager and adviser in recent times.

A palpable curiosity has built up around him from fight fans.

Besides one recent, very interesting investigative report from Thomas Hauser, and some other bits and pieces you may find online, until Haymon actually does an interview and words are heard from the man himself, it’s hard for the public to know who he really is or what his plans for boxing truly are.

(HBO’s Peter Nelson recently touched on working with Al Haymon with Barbershop Conversations):

An Al Haymon interview would likely cause the boxing world to go into social media melt down and if he were to do it under the guise of one of the PBC social media accounts, it would likely have a very positive impact on the PBC’s social media followings and brand awareness in the process.

People Buy From People

An old saying I have always referred back to over my life which I believe to be true is:

“People buy from people.”

Haymon, as the man behind the PBC boxing series, would be able to represent it better than anyone else could as it’s head honcho.

Paying fight fans in the States have grown tired of forking out for expensive pay per view events over the year and with Haymon’s whole PBC idea set around bringing back big time boxing to network television for the masses, he’d surely win over more fans if people could actually see who the guy behind Premier Boxing Champions is.

No One Can Fight The Tide Forever

We live in one very transparent world now, all things considering, when you take into account how much the public have access to athletes, celebrities and the like through social media.

This trend is only going to grow in the coming years, and Al’s shying away from it might have an adverse impact on his business if he doesn’t embrace this publicly driven, user-generated content world we continue to find ourselves living in.

He is very entitled to his privacy though of course, but the occasional interview as a man so powerful in a sport as popular as boxing, would likely help his PBC venture tenfold.

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