Why Canelo Is Not Afraid To Fight Golovkin

When you really analyse the whole Canelo being afraid to fight Golovkin argument, it logically just doesn’t stack up.

Fighters will fight anyone – that’s what they do

After working as a boxing journalist for a few years now and having had the privilege to meet many fighters, I can almost state with 100% conviction that fighters do not fear other human beings, or physical pain or damage sustained within the ring for that matter.

They’re a special breed, fighters, who have levels of courage and fortitude that we mere mortals at times simply cannot fathom.

Although Canelo vacating his WBC middleweight recently may have looked like a move to avoid Golovkin, to some, I just cannot see the reason for this being done out of fear.

He’s coming off a highlight reel knockout win, with his confidence sky high and being a proud Mexican warrior, he’d fight anyone.

Boxing is a business

More than anything however, this whole on-going saga to get the fight made just seems (to me at least) to be part of the usual boxing politics and rhetoric that often exist when fights of this magnitude are trying to be made.

Canelo’s handlers and promoter Golden Boy Promotions want the best possible deal for their man, undeniably, and the vacating of the WBC belt is giving them more time to negotiate the finer details of a potential deal.

(ESPN First Take’s recent thoughts on negotiations):

It’s not Canelo or Golovkin stalling this fight from getting over the line, as usual, it’s the behind the scenes guys that are making the decisions and calling the shots.

He’s already faced some fairly stuff opposition

Furthermore, to Canelo’s credit when you look down through his resume, he’s actually already faced some highly regarded professional fighters in his career thus far, which leads me again to believe that he’s not afraid of facing Golovkin – nor anyone.

He took on Floyd Mayweather a few years back, the finest boxer of a generation, and although Canelo got schooled by the ring savvy Mayweather on that occasion, Alvarez has looked an even more improved fighter since then.

Canelo has also faced awkward, big guys in the past, men who like Golovkin, found it hard for some time to land big fights.

Two boxers that spring to mind in this regard are Austin Trout and Erislandy Lara.

Two highly technically competent, full sized super-welterweights, who gave Canelo plenty of problems when he faced both, on route to winning ultra-competitive decision victories in the end

I’m not in any way trying to compare Golovkin to these two fighters by the way, but it is worth highlighting that these two guys were certainly bouts taken by Canelo at the time that were never going to make him ‘look good’, as they say in the trade.

Canelo isn’t afraid to face Golovkin but as time continues to go by without an announcement, the chances of seeing this fight become a reality in 2016 are slimming.

(Image source and credit: Inquisitr.com)

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