Cruiserweight Brad Pitt Calls Out Danny Green

Australian Cruiserweight and former Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Brad Pitt, has made no secret of his intentions after issuing a public challenge to Danny Green.

Green, who is in the middle of yet another comeback to the sport is scheduled to fight again in July with the ultimate goal of landing big money pay-day in a rematch against long-time rival Anthony Mundine – a man that has campaigned at 20kgs lighter than Green for the best part of a decade since that showdown – a fight in which Mundine totally outclassed and dominated the popular Western Australian on the way to a decision win.

Pitt however, feels that Green’s recent fights and chasing of a Mundine rematch are more about securing his financial future than a love for the Sport and in a press release yesterday stated: 

“The last time Danny Green fought an Australian, it went for thirty seconds and then everybody thought his opponent took a dive. If Green wants to keep fighting, he needs to fight a live body. The Australian public knows when they’re being sold a circus, and that’s what is happening at the moment when he fights.”

Green’s last fight, a Pay Per View fight against Argentinian Roberto Bolonti was nothing short of a farce, a fight I’d have been disappointed with on free-to-air to TV yet Green’s celebrity was enough to pull that off but If he decides to fight again on Pay Per View against an opponent that isn’t Mundine.

(Green vs Bolonti via SportsHQ2015):

It may be one trip to the well too many for Aussie Boxing fans who have been short-changed over the last few years and will think twice about dipping into their wallets to see a tune-up fight.

Rumours are circulating that Green’s chosen opponent for his next scheduled bout in July will be Australian Cruiserweight, Kane Watts (18-2).

Watts is a decent operator but not the type of opponent Green should be facing at the moment. A fight against Pitt on the other hand would see the top 2 Cruiserweights in the country go head to head in a fight that would offer genuine intrigue.

Pitt claims that Green has been living off reputation as someone willing to fight anyone but hasn’t actually backed that up when it comes down to it:

“He prides himself on being an Aussie battler, but he’s never given a legitimate Australian opponent the opportunity. The public deserve a real fight and I think everybody knows he’ll get that from me. We are the consensus number one and number two cruiserweights in Australia. Let’s find out who the better man is, no catch weights and no added stipulations. Send me a contract.”

Green v Pitt would be an exciting matchup without doubt although it seems strange that Green would continue to campaign at Cruiserweight if he does intend on fighting Mundine at what many expect to be a catchweight of 82kgs, way below the Cruiserweight limit.

In the first fight between the pair we saw how drained Green looked due to excessive weight-cutting and he may well be about to make the same mistake all over again – although Mundine’s recent performances may give him some hope.

First though, he has a July opponent to decide upon and public pressure may force his hand to take a far riskier fight than his team may have wanted, although ultimately this can only increase the interest in the Mundine rematch.

(Image sent in by Tom Watt)

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