WBC Will Ban Pro Boxers For 2 Years Who Fight In The Olympics

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WBC will ban pro boxers if they attempt to get into 2016 Olympics and compete with amateur athletes for the first time ever in boxing history.

The professional boxers entering the Olympic Games story and debate has taken a new, more concrete turn in direction today.

The WBC (World Boxing Council) have come out in conclusive fashion in their stance on the matter, pertaining to any professional boxer who might be thinking about competing in the Olympics in the future:

“Any professional boxer who participates in the Olympics will be banned from the WBC for 2 years”@wbcmoro

— World Boxing Council (@WBCBoxing) May 17, 2016

Talks of pro fighters getting involved in the Olympics go back a couple of months, but the more time has gone on, the less and less likely it looks like it’ll become an actual reality.

While the idea of pro fighters who are up and coming and looking to get more exposure through the Olympics platform might have been nice to some in theory, that tangible roll out of how it would work, the fairness of pros fighting amateurs and the difference that exists between both codes, just seem far too considerable to see this come to fruition.

In the end following what was a very controversial 2016 Olympic games that brought a lot of negative attention to the sport, nothing ever seem to came from the above.