Tyson Fury Speaks On Being Dropped 3 Times In Sparring Ahead of Klitschko Rematch

Heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury is known for his throw away comments, random sense of humour but also his genuine candidness. However, if his latest revelation is to be believed, Wladimir Klitschko could be smiling right about now.

Fury (25-0-18KO) is due to rematch Wladimir Klitschko on July 9th at the Manchester Arena, but it would seem he is fighting a race against the clock at the moment to shed excess pounds and get in optimal physical condition for the challenge that lays ahead.

Tyson’s boxing skills are still underrated by many, astonishingly, when you consider the achievement he churned in last November against Klitschko (64-4-53KO) – who hadn’t been beaten for over a decade prior to that.

But it’s his recent fighting shape that has come under fire recently and has been cause for concern for his fans, after blowing up in weight considerably since then.

He admitted as much today on his Instagram account, along with revealing a worrying incident that (apparently) happened, although it’s often hard to tell if Tyson if being serious or not.

Nonetheless, he comes across as relatively sincere. We’ll let you decide.

(Tyson Fury speaks about getting put down three times in training camp in typical Fury manner)