Conor McGregor: I Run Boxing

Amid reports that Conor McGregor is close to signing a deal with Floyd Mayweather for a boxing match, and after Mayweather himself confirmed he believes the fight will happen – McGregor has added to this already swirling social media frenzy.

Is he really being serious though? As is Mayweather? If neither of them are, this is some serious trolling going on at the moment.

But it looks more like hype-marketing, as has become the new trend for combat sports athletes in this social media, technology driven world we now live in, where, at the touch of a button, fighters like Mayweather and McGregor can almost instantaneously cause a meltdown of debate with fight fans.

Following Mayweather’s comments yesterday in a video interview with Showtime, today has been McGregor’s turn:

Within minutes he’s cooked up quite the online storm.

Despite the brevity of the message, many are now even further convinced that a Floyd Mayweather match will take place, particularly after Mayweather himself confirmed last night that he believes it will happen.

McGregor does come from good amateur boxing stock growing up, before he ever got into mixed martial arts, but a fight with Mayweather under purely boxing rules would likely see one of the most one sided beatings in some time.

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